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Removal and Installation


Sometimes a tree has to be removed in order to protect a house foundation, or it has unfortunately died due to infection or disease.  At times a tree is in the wrong spot and needs to be removed to free up space for additional play areas.  Or perhaps you need a new shade or ornamental tree added to your landscape to enhance the beauty and value of your property.  Whatever the case, we're your tree removal and installation experts! 

Stump Grinding


Completely removing a tree - digging the entire stump and root ball out of the soil - can be an expensive, time-consuming task.  There are no short cuts or easy ways to remove a terribly heavy, anchored root system.  Often times that root ball doesn't need to be completely removed, and stump grinding is the economical answer!


We can quickly make any tree stump disappear, grinding it below the soil surface so that grass can grow over it.  


Call us today for an estimate to remove your tree the fast, professional way!

Ornamental Additions


You aren't limited to just shade trees when it comes to beautifying your property! Add a magnificent focal point to your landscape by installing a beautiflul Bouganvillea, a wonderful White Dogwood or a vibrant Vitex (pictured). Other local favorites include Bradford Pears, Crape Myrtles, Japanese Cherry, Redbud, East Palatka Holly's and Magnolias. 


These ornamental trees will provide years of enjoyment and spectacular color to your world.  Call us for a free consultation and quote!

Large Shade Trees

Whether you want a traditional Red Oak, Cedar Elm, Chinese Pistache or the Autumn splendor of an October Glory Maple (pictured), we have the perfect shade tree for you!  And we're experts at planting and caring for your investment.


Call us today.  Let's see what will work best for you and start planting!

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