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Benefits of Leaf removal

Autumn, with its mild weather and beautiful colors, is a favorite season for many of us. However, that foliage collecting in your yard and driveway can become quite a mess.

As pretty as it may be for a short time, you certainly don’t want to leave it to get soggy in the next rainstorm. Wet leaves are a target for insects to take cover and inhabit your yard. Wet leaves left for long periods of time are also a contributing factor of mold, and many other turf diseases that can lead to killing your lawn, or cause issues when it comes time for the turf to start coming out of dormancy and delay the grass turning green in the spring.

Additionally, a blanket of leaves covering the turf will deprive it of much needed sunlight (even when the grass is brown and dormant).

While tending to fallen leaves doesn’t need to be a daily task, it is definitely something you want to do regularly- and correctly. We suggest bi-weekly cleanups if you have bigger more mature trees that have a lot of leaves, or at a minimum, once monthly.

Does this sound like a job you’d rather not hassle with? Let us know if you would like a free leaf removal quote!


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