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Mulch Installation


Mulch not only gives your landscape a clean, fresh look, it's extremely beneficial to your plants and soil.  Mulch provides your plants with organic matter, increased nutrients, helps reduce soil compaction, improves water penetration, reduces water evaporation, helps prevent weeds, improves air movement and moderates soil temperature fluctuations. 

Mulch Costs


Texas Native Hardwood Mulch:       $9.95 per bag installed, 20 bag minimum

                                                                    Discounts offered for jobs larger than 30 bags

Colored Mulches:

We choose to use either Scott's Nature Scapes or Preen 'Mulch Plus' brands due to their superior ability to hold color compared to cheaper 'Big Box' brands.  It has been our experience that cheaper colored mulches don't hold their color well and tend to fade after just a few months, which wastes your money.  It's our goal to have your beds look as good as possible as long as possible.


Red or Black Colored Mulches:           $12.50 per bag, 20 bag minimum

                                                                     Discounts offered for jobs larger than 30 bags.



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