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Landscape Package Special


It's difficlut to come up with "one size fits all" packages.  Every property is different, however, we realize that some clients need a quick and easy way to add curb appeal to their property.  Maybe you're ready to put your property on the market, have a limited budget or just need a small makeover.  The packages below can help.  Call us today to schedule an appointment. Let's see how we can add value and beauty to your home!

Front bed makeover as low as 2,995!

Tired of the boring "builder basic" package your home came with? We understand.  We'll remove any existing plants you no longer want in your front beds and replace them with up to:  


  • 30 ea 5-gal shrubs or native grasses

  • 20 ea 1-gal accent plants (perennials or annuals)

  • 4 flats of annual color

  • up to 20 bags of fresh mulch

  • new soil as needed for conditioning plants

  • all labor and fertilizaiton of plants

  • landscape design

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